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We are committed to providing quality early childcare to a diverse population of children.  We are thinking of your child's well-being daily as we provide healthy nutritious food prepared by our certified personal chef; and by using creative therapy and multi-faceted approach to education; to develop their academic, social and emotional learning through close and thoughtful partnerships with educators, families, child development professionals, and our local community and state agencies.


The health and safety of our students and staff is a top priority at TEACH ACADEMY. We will continue to monitor all state, CDC, and DOH guidelines.

At this current time, mask wearing is optional while social distancing; however, it must be worn if within three feet of another individual for an extended amount of time (15 minutes). 

History of Founder

History of Our Founder

founder and CEO

Octavia Bradley, CEO and Founder of Reveal to Heal Inc, has been knocked down many times by life's challenges. Finding her inner strength, she broke generational cycles of abuse & made it her mission to help others do the same. On her mission, Octavia connected with Christine Brown, a like minded and passionate spirit who was willing to journey this mission together.

Reveal to Heal Consulting Inc provides therapeutic solutions for individuals and families struggling to live a positive and healthy life due to past childhood traumatic events and unforeseen circumstances. They are committed to helping individuals and families on their healing journey. Through their services, they hope to educate, guide, and encourage others in finding their inner strength and overcoming life obstacles. 

Reveal to Heal Consulting Inc. has taken their services a step further to provide parents with out of home support for their children on a day-to-day basis. After successful completion of their summer camp Life Enrichment Program in August 2022, R2H decided to expand their programing.  Families voiced a need for the services that were rendered during the summer to be rendered all year round and with careful consideration of the need for a preschool and afterschool within the community, the program has been agreed upon by the township.

Our Philosophy

  • Our team will provide psychology and social work into our educational curriculum. 


  • Our clinical and educational team will work together to provide support and structure needed to modify challenging behaviors.

  • Our team will target small groups in areas of social interaction that involve reciprocal conversations, making friends, turn-taking, playing in a group, giving and receiving compliments and being aware of body language

Our Values

  • Working until completion

  • Seeking research to guide our planning and instruction

  • Building relationships with students, families, and communities

  • Planning and implementing instruction to achieve the mission and vision of T.E.A.CH. Academy

  • Holding students accountable for learning while providing them the support to learn.

  • Building a partnership with families to support the purpose of T.E.A.CH. Academy

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that children reach their fullest potential in nurturing and secure developmentally appropriate learning environments with caring and attentive adults and meaningful relationships with their peers.

  • We believe the family is a child’s first teacher and the experts on their child. Supporting a child to reach their fullest potential means partnering closely with the family.

  • We believe educators are the heart and soul of the school and as such we are committed to uplifting and celebrating our teachers’ professional growth through professional development, compensation, and other benefits.

  • We believe our staff are the patient, listeners and translators of our school and as such we are committed to continued professional development, compensation and other benefits.

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